front_cover_mini.jpgOne of the more controversial assertions made in recent books about Liberal Fascism is that The White Man is the Jew of Liberal Fascism“. That this should be controversial at all is itself an indictment of how insidiously Liberal Fascism has perverted our culture and our discourse, but never mind. The truth of this statement is self-evident: as the Jew was persecuted in Nazi Germany, so is The White Man identified and denounced as the cause of all misfortune and evil in the world. Now, of course, I’m not saying that Whitey is literally being herded off to concentration camps or anything like that – I’m just making an analogy. And it is a very serious, thoughtful, and careful analogy, one which conforms in every important detail:

The _______ is/are the _______ of Liberal Fascism
White Man Jew
hair plugs yarmulke
white guy dance Horah
no-Jews-or-blacks-allowed country club synogogue
gated community Warsaw ghetto
College Republicans La Résistance
Brown v. Board of Education Nuremberg Laws
Chardonnay Zyklon B
acceptance letter to business school one-way train ticket to Treblinka

Now, will somebody please engage my serious arguments seriously?