Anthony Cartouche has an eminently fair and gracious and typically thoughtful review of my book from a liberal perspective:

Since I’m a liberal, I wasn’t going to actually buy the book. I was just going to wait until Democrats came back to power, at which point jackbooted thugs would roam the cities and countryside, robbing hard-working wage-earners at gunpoint. Then someone named Peacechild or Jerry Sunshine Vibes would track me down in their Prius. Eventually they’d find me at the gay abortion clinic or the free heroin collective and just hand me a copy, along with a bowl of macrobiotic brown rice, a hacky sack with “Save the Whales” embroidered on it, and a copy of the latest Ani DiFranco CD.

But he does read it, and so breaks free of the shackles of liberal fascism. And now he has found a better, more fulfilling life under his new, post-fascist identity: Mr. LaBron James.

labronjames.jpgNow, as everyone is no doubt aware, my book is more than a very serious and thoughtful work of scholarship which represents a quantum leap beyond the usual academic standards for detail and care. But it is more than a dry, intellectual exercise for me – it is also my passion. It is my goal to free society from the curse of Liberal Fascism, to free each individual, one mind at a time. It is for this reason that I – and others who write books with a similar mission – have (seriously, thoughtfully) noted that ‘The White Man is the Jew of Liberal Fascism‘. This simple fact has been obvious to all serious observers since pretty much forever.

front_cover_mini.jpgAll serious observers, that is, except the ones whose job it is to understand this. I refer of course to the Anti-Defamation League, the group whose supposed mission it is to protect the Jewish people against bigotry and hate. And yet, heedless of the fact that the White Man is the New Jew, they seem to be obsessed with protecting just plain old Jews (who are, we may easily deduce, the White Man of Liberal Fascism)!! Not only that, while completely ignoring the people they should be protecting, they waste time worrying about what the KKK is saying about Mexicans, despite the fact that they are simply hyping the terrible threat from the Posse Comitatus, Aryan Nations and American Nazi Party and so like the bureaucrats in Office Space who think TPS reports are the most important thing in the world, they can’t seem to grasp that they’re pretty trivial. Hitler’s dead and gone – who will defend us from Hitlery Clinton? It is past time that someone reminded the ADL where their responsibilities lie.