Troubling questions:

queen_of_diamonds1.jpgNews pundants [sic] have elevated McCain to “the most popular national political figure in the country” by repeatedly describing him as a “war hero” based on his refusal accept a communist offer of “early release” from captivity.

What the media has carelessly refused to acknowledge is that the camp’s senior ranking U.S. POW (SRO) had issued unquestionable orders that if a POW was to be released, “it would be the longest held prisoner” Because McCain was not the longest held POW, he would have faced a military court-marshal if he had accepted the offer.

It is incumbent upon McCain to prove to the American people that the 5 1/2 years he spent at the mercy of communist interrogators did not leave him with mental health issues that could hinder him in making snap decisions “if the White House phone rang at 3 a.m.”

Is McCain taking any kind of pain or “nerve” medicines? If so, do the medicines cause emotional and physical reactions?

McCain was once treated for Posttraumatic [sic] Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is said to get worse over time for former POWs, what is the status of his treatment?

patpearle.jpgDoes McCain still harbor stress triggered suicidal tendencies?

Where was McCain and what was happening to him during the months he was missing from the POW camp?

McCain implies that he made only one propaganda broadcast for the communists, but Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffers say he made over 30. How many did he make and what did he get in return?

Why does McCain still deny that the Soviets were involved in the interrogation of U.S. POWs in Vietnam?

Does McCain’s former interrogators [sic], the communist Vietnamese, Russians, Chinese and Cubans have anything in their secret intelligence files about his behavior as a prisoner with which they could blackmail a President John McCain?

mccainbush_bffs.jpgWere the Pyramids piloted by Ancient Astronauts? If I learned anything from the 2004 campaign, it’s that people like Ted Sampley are very serious and deserve to have their charges repeated over and over and over and over and over and over in all media outlets, and that the number of people who dispute their charges on-air cannot exceed the number of people who sit there like stuffed frogs before pronouncing that the allegations constitute a “controversy” and “are troubling, if true.” Mission accomplished.

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