My TV friend David Brooks has just assured me that John McCain’s rejection of Rev. Hagee and Rev. Parsley (and their revenge rejections) will have no ill effects on the candidate, as those in the know realize they just aren’t that big a deal. Mr. Brooks declined to share his deep personal insights into who is a big deal in right-wing political evangelism – not people whose books sell a half million copies, not people who haul in $40 million a year, not people with national TV ministries, nor people who coauthor national legislation, people who can get US Senators to show up at their parties, or those who are aggressively courted by the Bush 43 and McCain campaigns. Presumably, Mr. Brooks meant someone really influential, like, say, Jesus. So, as long as McCain can avoid calling the Sermon on the Mount “crazy and unacceptable“, and Jesus can refrain from returning to Earth on a flight of cherubim and telling McCain to go fuck himself, everything should be just fine. We apologize for the error. We are sorry. Please, Mr. Brooks, please stop sobbing.

However, it appears that McCain may have another problem. It seems that some people aren’t big fans of his plan to have HALF OF THE UNITED STATES ANNEXED TO AZTLAN!!!

Put very simply: John McCain is a liar. He’s a man without honor, without integrity, who could not have captured the Republican nomination had he run on making comprehensive immigration a top priority of his administration. Quite frankly, this is little different from George Bush, Sr. breaking his “Read my lips, no new taxes pledge,” except that Bush’s father was at least smart enough to wait until he got elected before letting all of his supporters know that he was lying to them.

Ungenerous Readers may wonder how Mr. Hawkins compares McCain’s lies about immigration to George W. Bush’s lies about WMD, or about not having made up his mind to go to war, or about the threat Iraq posed to the United States. Such Readers may wish to spend less time being stingy in their praise of President Winston Reagan von Abraham Lincoln-Truman, and a little more time reflecting on how lies are very good and noble if they serve your political agenda. (Michelle Malkin agrees, but nobody cares.)

Don’t think this means you can abandon your duty to your country, Captain Dornan.