Seeking distraction from the Scott McClellan ‘revelations‘, Ace asks:

Hmmm… here’s a “turncoat” who’s offering new facts about a public figure, and not mere speculation and interpretation.

Think Rebecca Walker will get the sort of media feting that Scottie McClellan is getting?

Think Alice Walker is the President of the United States? Think Alice Walker’s daughter’s childhood is as politically relevant as the War in Iraq? If you know the answers to these tricky questions, you can probably predict the relative importance a sane news organization will assign to each. If not, you are probably a regular reader of Ace of Spades.

It’s hard not to feel a little bad for your Bush dead-enders these days. Never particularly clear on what the President’s job actually was – aside from totally pwning libs, fags and Frenchies, obviously – the world has become particularly confusing recently, with people saying all sorts of really hurtful things and totally ignoring the fact that someone said there’s a crazy lady who’s totally mean and crazy. Has Michael Moore suddenly become svelte? Where are people’s priorities? And what of the threat to democracy posed by Rachael Ray’s scarf?!?!

Some advice for the future: if you don’t want someone to receive the sort of scrutiny which comes with the job of President of the United States, don’t vote for him for that job.  Convince him to leave national politics and enter, say, American Idol.  Or perhaps the Constitution could be amended to allow for national elections of Official Co-Author of The Color Purple, a position which would never exceed the Alice Walker Threshold for criticism of public figures.  Concentrating your energies in such a direction would avoid confusing situations like this one, while also leading to a less fucked-up government, which would have the added benefit of making the majority of Americans hate you less.  Plus, you might get to meet Oprah.