Darn it all! Despite the best efforts of the Enemedia, academia, ACORN, the Democrat party, RINOs, unions, school teachers, the environmental panic mongers, scientists, gays, minorities, college graduates, Muslims, all foreigners and especially the French, Americans living in cities, Americans living within 200 miles of large bodies of salt water, Americans who consume counter-revolutionary alcoholic/caffeinated beverages, Americans who consume counter-revolutionary roughage, people who don’t like Toby Keith (and Toby Keith), MoveOn.Org, Wikipedia, people who you think might think they are better than you, and all the other traitors who are working to destroy America and Western Civilization – despite the best efforts of all these parties to obscure the issue, those doughy doughty conservatives at Red State have successfully diagnosed what is wrong with conservatism: NEEDS MOAR ENEMIES!

We have been treated in recent weeks to an unfortunate procession of people on the Right lending their assistance to Barack Obama against the Republican presidential ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin. These people should never be listened to or employed in any responsible or prominent position by anyone in the Republican Party or the conservative movement again.

One group – including Colin Powell, Ken Adelman, Charles Fried, Scott McClellan, and Christopher Buckley – has explicitly endorsed Obama. Like hostages giving forced confessions, their statements doing so seem to repeat the same basic list of 3 or 4 talking points aimed at swaying wavering moderates. Members of a second group – Chuck Hagel, Paul O’Neill – have declined to formally endorse but have nonetheless made numerous appearances with Obama and lent their good names to his policy initiatives. A third group – David Brooks, Peggy Noonan, David Frum, George Will, Kathleen Parker – has remained nominally on the side of the McCain-Palin ticket but exerted far more effort tearing down that ticket than on addressing the problems presented by the Obama-Biden ticket, often using the terms and tone reserved for full-throated opposition to a candidate’s election. The net effect of all of these efforts has been to provide a patina of bipartisan moderation to the Obama campaign, whose nominee has done so little to deserve the title, and undoubtedly to sow confusion among center-right voters who are less familiar with Obama’s record.

Purge them all, comrades!  Of course, nobody gives a fuck what the wankers on Red State say, but they are merely parroting what Rush Limbaugh has already proclaimed: that wingnuttery cannot fail, it can only be failed.  When wingnuttery does not produce the desired result, you must add more wingnuttery.  If you happen to alienate the center-right constituency whose only political concern is how much cruel butthurt they suffer at the hands of blogofascist meanies, so be it!  This is so simple even a child could understand it, provided that child was exceedingly stupid and resentful and had been dropped on its head every day of its life.  Onwards to glorious victory!

But having a cunning plan is not enough: one needs an educated and vibrant intellectual class to replace the counter-revolutionary pseudo-intellectuals who have been purged.  Fortunately for the future of conservatism, thanks to careful purging of the ideologically suspect, brilliantly erudite conversations like this are par for the course on Red State:

Not “sunshine patriots” – rather “fornicators”

civil_truth (link)

…and Scripture does not promise them a happy fate in the world to come.

Jonah Goldberg wrote of Hitler’s Willing Executioners. These men and women are Obama’s.

Down through the ages, it is through the treachery of those leaders entrusted with the defense of freedom who abandon their posts in the hour of greatest need that the enemies of freedom and the agents of tyranny find welcome to our shores and entry into our citadel.

I’d hardly equate support for Obama

Achance (link)

with serving with the einsatzcommando or as a capo at Auschwitz, so we ought to be careful wiht such analogies on the off-chance that some Obamunists have actually read Goldberg – or read anything for that matter.

That said, there are many in this Country, among them the putitive Republicans and conservatives to which the Directors refer, who are analogous to the political, business, and even military leaders who turned a blind eye to the true identity and plans of various political leaders because they saw something about him that was in their interest. That is the easier and much slippier slope that too often ends with your apolitical chemical company making Zyclon-B.

I mean, can you imagine the ignorance of the Obomunists?  Daring to blindly follow a politician who casts himself as some sort of hero – nay, a God! – without ever cracking the covers of Jonah Goldberg’s landmark classic Hitler’s Willing Executioners. They know nothing of 4-Way Dough CubePish, and, indeed, posh.  One hardly knows whether to laugh or cry.