The Dastardly IOZ on the underlying tension between the Free Market apostle wing of the GOP and its band of useful religidiots religuloids*.  In particular, IOZ discusses the recent attempt by conservatives to scapegoat the financial crisis on the fact that Happy Holidays has replaced Merry Christmas by mandate of the atheists and mult-culti kids:

It takes no particular perspicacity to note that our holidays-without-the-holy came about not through the secularizing efforts of “Northerners and atheists,” the gangs of post-doctoral post-modernists slavering to gnaw on the soft edges of Christendom, but through the commercializing efforts of the various and sundry pillars, columns, flutes, and scrolls of American state capitalism. The gradual erosion of “Merry Christmas” in favor of “Happy Holidays” doesn’t mark a moral retreat in the face of religious multiculturalism or anti-Christian laïcité. It marks the commerce-driven extension of a shopping season, one that now extends from before Halloween to the post-New Year sales. “Happy Holidays” isn’t culturally inclusive; it’s commercially inclusive.

Kind of reminds me of the high moral dudgeon masters railing about the decay of good old fashioned values on Fox News (and in other Rupert outlets) while Fox Broadcasting (and other Rupert outlets) pushes the envelope in terms of trashy, salacious and debauched programming.  Because, you know, sex sells and the infallible prerogative of the free market is sacrosanct.  Bigger than Jesus.

But that doesn’t mean that the same purveyors of sex and violence in the name of the almight dollar can’t blame the sex and violence they use on the libertine liberals.  Hell, if Fox News’ ratings are any indicator**, the blame game itself is a marketable commodity. 

Nice racket if you can keep the natives in the dark in perpetuity: Sell your wares with scantily clad women, then sell your news product by blaming your marketing techniques on the socialst enemies of the Free Market.   Who want to make the Baby Jesus cry by giving poor American health insurance.

Round and round it goes.

(**though there are chinks in the armor of late)