November 2008

So I seriously hope the national media keeps following Sarah Palin around, because we would be bereft without report of her sheer verbal amazingness:

“Now we kick in that fiscal conservativeness that needs to be engaged, and we progress this state with $57-a-barrel oil,” Ms. Palin said. She said the state would have to “be prudent with public dollars and provide services more efficiently than have ever been provided in the state of Alaska before.”

Yes. You kick that progress oil prudently, Governor. I guess Bill Kristol’s already leading the Keep Sarah Famous caucus, but we need to get Camille Paglia on the case; if nothing else, she and Sarah are natural allies in the ongoing war against the English language.

Racism in America?  Still doesn’t exist anymore.  Still ended circa 1968.  This must be the product of a big misunderstanding:

A family who had supported Barack Obama’s presidential campaign emerged from their home in the northwestern New Jersey town of Hardwick Thursday morning to find the charred remnants of a 6-foot wooden cross on their front lawn.

Pieces of a homemade bedsheet banner reading “President Obama , Victory ’08,” which had been stolen from the yard the night before, also were found, leading investigators to believe the banner had been wrapped around the cross before it was set afire.

Jumping to conclusions, the homeowner plays the race card in a blatant attempt to use Nazistalinist tactics to silence dissent.  Socialism in America, my friends. 

Grewal said his 8-year-old daughter, Arianna, spotted the banner wrapped around the burnt cross as they walked toward their car to drive to school.

“She saw it, that’s what bothered me the most,” Grewal said Thursday. “You can imagine the types of questions she was asking. It was very tough to explain.”

Oh no he didn’t just hide behind his kid!  Or mention her out of heartfelt concern.  Either way, the 8 year old is fair game.  We’ve got some countertops to investigage.  Cry havoc, and let slip the Davids of war! 


In honor of thecoming 8-year mental breakdown which will consume and destroy Wingnuttia, the legendary Kippy Awards for Excellence in Wingnuttery will be returning this year, bathed in glory and/or gin.  Expect competition for The Purple Teardrop with Clutched Pearls Cluster to be especially fierce this year, and for the eventual winner to emerge in the next week or so.  Actually, I’ll be very surprised if anyone can top this:

230 years of the United States of America has come to an end. On November 4, 2008, liberty died. The Communist Revolution has finally arrived.

Except with this:

Obama flys the flag of Anti-Freedom for the United States

Radical Islamists in a coalition with Communists have taken over the country. They murdered 3000 of our citizens on September 11, 2008. We defeated them on the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now they’ve defeated us here on our own soil.

Freedom lovers, and members of politically incorrect ethnic groups need to take extreme caution.

As our Parisian masters might say: Le Awesoume.  (The apostrophe is suppressed, just like politically incorrect ethnic groups.)  Even Crazy Pam will have a tough time topping that.  Post ‘em if you got ‘em.  A fully-endowed Chair in Quantum Kittenometrics to everyone who finds someone claiming that the election of the race-transcending Obama (over their howls of protest) means they are cleared to start saying “nigger” in polite company.  Needs to be more explicit than this.

I know you wretches all read Roy religiously, so reprinting this post on Glenn Reynolds is redundant.  But repetition is [something insanely clever that starts with the letter "r"]:

But something — maybe the incipience of a wrinkle, suggesting that the Singularity cannot come fast enough — did momentarily put the Perfesser in a solemn mood, and he summoned an “Army of John Galts” to talk about how they would go off the grid if the socialist Obama prevailed, depriving the littlebrains of their essential crafts of law perfessin’, psychologizing, documentary filmmaking, and the like. One such — a newspaper columnist and a “private investor“! How will we do without his unique skillset! — writes:

I want to appease the new administration and not be too productive. So, upon Obama’s passing his new redistribution plan, I will slow my work schedule, lay off a few people (Obama’s got their back) and let someone else bust his tail since I will now be able to get “redistributed wealth” from those poor fools who are ambitious, energetic, work hard and have made good decisions.

It doesn’t occur to them that others will scramble to take their places — well, it does occur to one, but Kartik Gada believes that even immigrants, formerly besotted of America, will also be disgusted with Obama and follow the Galts to… Red China, or some other such paradise where they know how to treat an investor class. Then we’ll all be sorry.

They really believe it. The greed and stupidity of investors far bigger than the Perfesser have done what untold cadres of socialists and communists couldn’t manage in a century — destroyed the good name of American capitalism and put the better part of its assets under government control — and the would-be Galts are threatening to bugger off to China because America might elect a moderately progressive Democrat.

The dastardly IOZ plunges the dagger deeper into the would-be self-inflicted wound:

Anyway, Reynold’s army of John Galts (pray: come, let us snicker together), a gang of pencil-neck Sharper-Image shoppers with dreams of mountain redoubts and rough sex with heiresses, petulantly proclaim that they will . . . well, they do not seem to be proclaiming that they will stop the engine of the world. Rather, they will consider slowing it marginally, like union slugs caging an extra five minutes on every smoke break in order to stick it to Management. The irony. Oh. [...]

My favorite correspondent over at Reynolds’ is the doctor who swears he will stop curing the ill if Obama is elected. He and his family will go out into the woods and live like wild dogs, foraging for food and hunting in packs, rather than allow that Socialist Obama to, uh, lower their standard of living. I mean, I laughed at liberal avowals to move to Canada back in aught-four, but this is just ridiculous.

If you’re not reading IOZ regularly, you’re dumber than a bag full of Doug Feiths.  Rectify.  You’ll thank me.  You know how good he is, I’ll tell you: I’m not, you know, gay or anything, but I’ll admit that his wit makes my Prager Continuum itch a little. 

(via that unqualified one)

Brad DeLong has some thoughts on where Democrats can go on their Man Date:

This degree of Republican partisan entrenchment in the court is–in a word–bizarre. It is not a good thing.

Moreover. this Supreme Court forfeited any claim to be due deference from the other branches of the government when it prostituted its office to install George W. Bush as president eight years ago. It then established a new constitutional principle: that if an election is close and if one party has appointed an overwhelming majority of justices of the Supreme Court, that majority gets to decide the election. [...]

Three of the justices who prostituted their high offices in Bush v. Gore are still on the bench. Either Thomas, Scalia, and Kennedy resign, or congress needs to sanction them. If Thomas, Scalia, and Kennedy will not do the honorable thing, the congress should neutralize them by temporarily enlarge the court to twelve as a one-time sanction for the way in which they prostituted their office eight years ago.

I would add:

  • Statehood for Washington, DC; Puerto Rico.
  • The Fairness Doctrine, and other punitive measures against right-wing media
  • Revoking the tax-exempt status of churches who get involved in politics (cha-ching)
  • Criminal investigations of the Bush years
  • Fuck Joe Lieberman

And we can move on from there.  Elections have consequences, as do all the choices people have made.  What is done cannot be undone, nor can it be forgotten.


… Which is to say nothing of the historic problems Democrats will own fully in 76 days, although they are intimately related to the power politics issues.  I see no reason to think, after the events of the last 16 years, that the Republicans and Republican appointees remaining in government have any interest other than denying the Democrats success.  They need to be beaten, over and over, utterly, in elections and in government, until such time as they have shown themselves deserving of trust.  2010 and 2012 need to be humiliating repudiations of Gingrich-Bush-DeLay-Hastert-Boener-McConnell Republicanism, just as humiliating as 2006 and 2008 were.  Consolidate your gains, and prepare for the next big battle.

Failed academic Jeff Goldstein, 5:47 PM:

The end is near. Americans have chosen socialism. Or, more precisely, Americans have been carefully trained, over a number of years, to chose a candidate based on the most superficial of features (age, appearance), and for the most contrived of reasons (the campaign is “historic”; the candidate represents the “ideal of diversity,” etc).

But sorry: if Georgia and Indiana are too close to call at this point, the transition to a nannystate is just about complete.

Time to regroup and prepare ourselves for the lean years.

Failed academic Jeff Goldstein, 5:48 PM:

[Send me money for blogging!]

I fear Barack Obama’s Europeanized nannystate socialism will have a deleterious effect on the American work ethic, leaving people unwilling to better their situation in lean times through an honest day’s blegging.  The coming collapse of the wingnut welfare system should produce some glorious contortions.



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