Previous winners:

2005 - Bill O’Reilly

2006 - Crazy Pam What’s-Her-Face

The Coveted and Oft-Delayed Palme d’Haire: rarely has the winner of such a groundbreaking award been considered with such detail, or such care:

1. John McCain - The whole Sarah Palin romance-gone-wrong, supporting waterboarding, courting the crazies, getting the crazies, being The CrazyJoe the Plumberstunt worksinging.

2. Jonah GoldbergLiberal Fascism (the book), Liberal Fascism (the endless pity party), embodying the Platonic ideal of a wanker, compulsive acts of “Jonanism“.

3. Harry Reid-Caves - Boldly leading the Democratic Senate to glorious surrender, Lieberman-enabling.

4. Sarah Palin - There was Troopergate – I believe that came first.  Shortly followed by Dumb-As-A-Box-Of-RocksGate, Six-Figure-WardrobeGate, Reads-All-NewspapersGate, Teenage-Pregnancy-By-Narco-HillbillyGate, her Wank of the Year entry, and so on.  There was also some shit about witches, and some nonsense about a turkey, but that’s just too weird, and probably just some dream I had.  Also, she started a Wingnut Civil War (which, naturally, consisted mostly of cattiness and crying).  Sarah Palin is awesome.

5. Michelle MalkinA one-woman army in The War on Coffee.  Boycots Dunkin’ Donuts because Rachael Ray wore a scarf, nowboycotting Starbucks because … something.   Coffee-colored people from coffee-producing nations caused the housing crisis, too, and also every other problem ever.  Also, whining, and constant wrongness.