Shorter John Yoo:

We were racing from cops in the white Bronco so that we could find the real killers find the real torturers because that’s what innocent people do!

Slightly longer explanation:

A Bush administration attorney who approved harsh interrogation techniques of terror suspects advocated in 2006 that President Bush set aside recommendations by his own Justice Department to bring prosecutions for such practices, that the President should consider pardoning anyone convicted of such offenses, and even that jurors hearing criminal cases about such matters engage in jury nullification.

That advice came from John Yoo, a former attorney with the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel and author of memos that served as a legal rationale for the Bush administration’s interrogation techniques. Yoo’s recommendations constitute one of the most compelling pieces of a body of evidence that Yoo and other government attorneys improperly skewed legal advice to allow such practices, according to sources familiar with a still-confidential Justice Department report.

Impeach Jay Bybee.  Arrest him and Yoo too. 

Fuck em.  Sociopaths.