OK, so it appears that Dick Cheney is letting it be known rather publicly that he thought George Bush ended up going soft on him in the second term – Bush bitched out and sold out, and all the rest.

But consider this: By the time Cheney grew disenchanted with his protege, Bush had already started two wars against the dirty Moslem horde, deployed a mercenary army with a twisted religious sadism, authorized widespread torture, sanctioned indefinite detention and kidnapping, implemented a program for illegal wiretaps/surveillance of  US citizens, signed-off on illegal settlement expansion in the occupied lands, endorsed an Israeli invasion of Lebanon, supported Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia, stoked a bloody (if unsuccessful) coup to topple Hamas in Gaza, and numerous other atrocities to warm the defective heart of Dick Cheney.

So the question is what, exactly, did Bush refuse to do that led to this increasingly messy divorce? 

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say the denizens of Tehran don’t know how close they came to being just another horrific panorama of death brought to you by Bush/Cheney productions.  I mean, the only thing standing between them and a rampaging, trigger happy sociopath was a dry drunk’s ability to say no. 

And for denying him the opportunity to create yet another mountainous pile of corpses, Cheney aims to make him pay.  At least, that’s my guess.