Wow.  Check out this conservative radio host spewing vicious anti-Semitism:

HOST: The reason you see more Jews now is because Bill Clinton flooded America with Jews, mostly of the throwback variety. Not the modern Jew, not the Jew who wants to come here and advance society. But the Jew who wants to come here and either live off the society or take us backwards two hundred years. That’s part of their diversity training. They don’t want the country to be too advanced, you get it?

CALLER: Right, and they come into our country and say, you bow down to me. You accept me, I don’t have to accept you.

HOST: I see the eyes behind those slits. I see hate and murder in most of their eyes, should I level with you?

CALLER: They’re not nice, they’re not cordial.

HOST: Whatever happened to when in Rome, do as the Romans do? I guess it didn’t make it Saudi Arabia.

OK, OK, I played fast and loose with some of the facts above.  The radio host in question is Michael Savage, and he isn’t actually talking about Jews (which would have been outrageous and likely ended his career), but rather Muslims (which is like, totally co0l). 

But seriously, the anti-Muslim bias in this country is so strong that you can get away with saying things about Islam and Muslims that you couldn’t come within ten yards of with respect to just about any other religion or its followers. 

Hell, even Scientology is treated with greater reverence (Peace Be Upon Xenu).

This is a fucked up state of affairs.