Singer John Tesh , former “Entertainment Tonight” anchor, not only has confirmed that he and talk-show goddess Oprah Winfrey , 56, were a romantic item decades ago but that the relationship was pretty deep, Associated Press reports. But the reason they split may have tongues wagging. According to excerpts from Kitty Kelley ‘s book “Oprah: A Biography,” which were published in the New York Daily News, Tesh, 57, and Winfrey lived together in Nashville in 1974 while he was a news anchor at the city’s NBC affiliate and Winfrey was the city’s first female anchor at the CBS affiliate. But the romance fell apart when Tesh succumbed to the pressure of being in an interracial relationship. Kelley quotes an “ex-girlfriend of Tesh’s” saying he told her one night he looked down and saw his white body next to Winfrey’s black body and “couldn’t take it anymore.”

And one can imagine Winfrey experienced similar misgivings, when she looked down and saw her black body next to the stainless steel bolts in his neck and wondered “can this ever really work?  Would the other monsters from Frankenstein’s lab ever accept me for who am?  Could my family understand and accept that the love between me – a liberated African-American woman – and him – a hydrocephalic corpse crazy-quilt given unholy life by lightning and a madman’s hubris – could be something beautiful and true?”  It’s easy to judge, but love is anything but.

But it is still hard not to mourn What Might Have Been.  Imagine: Tom Cruise bouncing on Oprah’s couch in the Grand Canyon while the US Olympic gymnastics team flips and twirls in the air to the pounding beat of Tesh’s life-affirming  Casio heroics?  All the world’s problems fixed, right there, bam.  If the combined spiritual uplift powers of Tesh and Oprah were put together, the human race would have already evolved into a wise and benevolent race of light-beings with the power to alter reality with their minds.  Also, the world would be have been transformed into a giant aromatherapy bubble bath with rose petals and lasers and scented candles and smoke machines and DAH-DAH DAH! DAH DAH-DAH-DAH!!! keyboard crescendos blasting off every three to five seconds.  So maybe we’re better off.

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